We Believe in Families

Through love, guidance, and support, we advocate for birthmothers seeking a better life for their unborn children as well as families seeking to grow their families through adoption.

A Guardian Angel Adoptions - Family Photo

Why Choose Us?

Your journey is our personal journey. Most staff members, including the owners are either Birthmothers or Adoptive parents. Because of this unique connection, we love and understand our Birthmothers and Adoptive Families in an intimate way. Our dedication and compassion for the journey we walk together, guides you through your adoption process. From our first contact through the final stages of your adoption and beyond, you become a permanent member of A Guardian Angel’s family.

Our Commitment to You

A Guardian Angel understands just how demanding the adoption process is, emotionally, mentally, and financially. There are many variables leading up to a finalized adoption and we recognize that it doesn’t always go the way we hoped or planned. In the unusual circumstance, where the adoption isn’t completed, we will continue to walk with you hand in hand until the day a loving angel is placed in your arms. At A Guardian Angel we believe adoption funds are sacred and therefore we will roll your entire deposit over to your successful adoption.

Ronnie + Ashley

"What we I loved the most is how A Guardian Angel served our birthmom in such an emotional time."


Damien + Amanda

"We truly appreciate every staff member at A Guardian Angel. They were so eager to answer questions, give advice and provide support throughout the newborn adoption process."


Luke + Char

"A Guardian Angel worked tirelessly with us to give us the miracle of our daughter."


Wade + Melanie

"A Guardian Angel provided us with confidence in the adoption process by helping us to feel cared for and informed."


Ron + Barri

"It only took 9.5 months, instead of the typical 1.5 – 2 years to finalize the adoption process and return home with our beautiful baby girl, Talia."


Warren + Angie

"From start to finish, A Guardian Angel made our adoption experience something we will always cherish. They took care of all the details so we could just focus on loving our new baby, Luke."

Basic Steps to Adoption


1. Application

2. The Home Study Process

3. Presentation

4. Match

5. Delivery

6. Post Placement